Bone Broth

Growing up, I could almost count on my mom having a pot of bone broth simmering on the stove – especially during the winter months. Nothing could beat a bowl of warm bone broth when a sickness was going through the house.

I remember going away to college, and realizing how expensive broth can be, as well as, how flavorless the store bought broths always were. I tried several different broths from the store, but none of them gave me that yummy full-bodied flavor and feel of the bone broth my mom would serve growing up.

Come to find out, my mom was just twenty year ahead of the current bone broth trend. Now I see jars of bone broth for over six bucks, and thank my mom for raising me to not waste my bones and to constantly have a pot of bone broth on the stove.

All this to say, if you have not jumped on the bone broth bandwagon yet, you are missing out! Not only is it a great broth option, it will help you maximize your grocery budget. I always keep my bones from my roast chickens, steak — whatever bones leftover from my meals — to make a bone broth, and it is amazing how it can stretch out the grocery budget.

One of the best bone broths of the year would come from the Thanksgiving turkey! The juices from the turkey and the broth would often be the base for great cheesy broccoli soup or a nice turkey noodle soup.

Try it this Thanksgiving! Put your turkey bones in a pot and cover it with water and kids. Throw in some of the food scraps from the Thanksgivinf dinner. Boil the bones for 12-24 hours.



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